The BMW CCA National Capital Chapter launches its Summer 2022 SIM Racing Program on June 2. The 10-week virtual-racing series uses the iRacing platform to schedule and host league-based racing events. Participants must have an iRacing road racing license and follow specific rules of the league. This year, the prize pool for participants has been increased to $100.

iRacing’s virtual motorsport racing simulation rose to prominence during the COVID pandemic. In recent years, iRacing has developed into a widely-recognized and popular e-sport platform hosting official IMSA iRacing Series, garnering major industry and motorsport partners. “iRacing puts you in the driver’s seat by allowing members to experience today’s newest form of competitive motorsport: virtual racing. iRacing is a fun, inexpensive and highly-competitive way for race fans and gamers to break a sweat by braking hard at the apes, while overcoming head-to-head racing challenges usually reserved for professional racers,” states the iRacing website.

For the upcoming NCC Chapter’s racing series, Scott Kim writes, “This time we’re featuring all European tracks (including infamous Nordschleife!), all GT4 cars, and increased prize pool to $100 (ignore $50 in the flyer)!  Most of the races will be broadcasted each week.  We will have two sprint race format, 20 min each but the second race will be reverse grid!  We made numerous changes to the format and we have some top drivers around the country.”  Participants will be racing in a simulated BMW M4 GT4.

Participation does require a Windows PC with modern components or a Mac running a virtual installation of Windows, including a minimum 4-core Intel or AMD processor and 16 GB of RAM. To find out if your system can run iRacing and learn more about iRacing recommended specifications, go to their system requirements page.

For more information and updates on NCC Chapter’s racing simulation program, visit their website.




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