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In continued celebration of 50 years since the founding of BMW M (the actual anniversary falls on May 24) the automaker has released a new video highlighting just how multifaceted the performance division is, whether we’re talking about the cars themselves or the people that own and drive them. The video is the first of four to be released this year, with the next three scheduled to come out during the remaining quarters of 2022. This first video, entitled Huddle Speech, envisions a group of M owners who have gathered in a way similar to that which sports teams do before the start of a big game. The vehicles are heavily varied, stretching from the division’s genesis with the 2002 Turbo and M1 Procar, all the way to the latest offerings including the i4 M50, iX M60, and the XM Concept, while the same can be said regarding the drivers, who come from a wide array of backgrounds and age groups. Nevertheless, even with all of the obvious superficial differences, they’re all united by a common theme: Their love for BMW M and the driving experience that has made the brand famous. BMW summarizes the movement with the succinct phrase, “We Are M.”

“We are proud of the roaring start to our anniversary year on 24 February. The film “Huddle Speech” is in the tradition of extraordinary films for BMW M, but is nevertheless different: it heralds our transformation. We are looking ahead, but continuing to create a feeling of home that defines the great BMW M fanbase,” says Timo Resch, head of customer, brand, and sales at BMW M GmbH. “We want to celebrate with all the fans, with our international community, therefore we have surprises in store for all communication channels, all year round. We are really looking forward to it.”

Huddle Speech is the first video of the We Are M campaign, and is said to focus on the overarching theme of celebrating 50 years. The second video, due to come out during the second quarter, will focus on BMW M’s 50-year motorsport history, and is sure to be a fan favorite, as the brand’s intrinsic connection with racing has always been a strong selling point. The third video will look at electrification, while the fourth and final installment is set to focus on the lifestyle that accompanies the BMW M driving experience.

Further plans for the rest of BMW M’s 50th anniversary year include scheduled appearances at various international events, along with additional surprises like the classic motorsport roundel offered on 2022 model year BMW M and M Performance models.—Alex Tock

[Photo and video courtesy BMW AG.]



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