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Last fall, we took a family trip to Maine in an X7, BMW’s big three-row SAV. The trip took us to Greenville for the annual seaplane fly-in, to Acadia National Park, this writer’s favorite for over fifty years, and to the Owls Head Transportation Museum, a must-see-destination for car people visiting the Maine Coast. A story on the trip appears in the February-March issue of Roundel. As always, space in the magazine is limited, so a number of photos from the trip did not make it into print. I wanted to share a few here to supplement the images in the magazine. The lead photo shows the X7 on the road to the summit of Cadillac Mountain overlooking Bar Harbor and the Porcupine Islands. The balance of the images follow.

The Owls Head Transportation Museum near Rockland houses a great collection of planes and automobiles. All of them are in running condition.

The museum’s 1905 Panhard had three rows of seats 115 years before our X7 was produced.

The museum’s 1907 Renault is one of the oldest race cars in the collection.

A 1913 Deperdussin GB Racer is among the Owls Head Transportation Museum’s very rare planes.

The museum’s collection includes this 1917 Spad.

The Owls Head Lighthouse, near the museum, was built in 1825.

The Penobscot Narrows Bridge is on the road between the Camden-Rockland area and Bar Harbor.

The challenging hike to the summit of the Beehive follows one of the most popular trails in Acadia National Park.

Bicycling is a popular activity on the carriage roads in Acadia.

A group of kayakers get instruction on the pier in Bar Harbor in front of whale watch boats.

As always, a trip up the Maine Coast is a great journey. The X7 was a great conveyance for our trip, but no doubt any BMW of your choice will get you there. Get it on your calendar soon.—Brian Morgan

[Photos courtesy Brian Morgan.]



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