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According to a survey conducted by Mini USA, roughly half of respondents believe that electric vehicles will overtake their gasoline-powered counterparts in the market over the next fifteen years, while 80% are open to considering an EV as their primary or secondary vehicle.

The survey, commissioned by Engine Insights, used a sample of 1,009 adults (504 men and 505 women) age eighteen and older, and was conducted from September 8–10.

Findings include 78% of respondents traveling fewer than 50 miles during an average day of commuting, a distance far below that of the range of most EVs on sale today. Forty-seven percent of those who answered the survey hold the belief that EVs have become more attainable over the last two years, thanks to more affordable pricing. Of those surveyed, 32% agreed that they would consider purchasing an EV within the next five years.

BMW i4 eDrive40 Gran Coupé

The survey also suggests that younger generations hold a more optimistic view of EVs, with 39% of Gen Z respondents and 41% of Millennial respondents indicating that they are likely to consider purchasing an EV of their own within five years. BMW also notes that the younger generations think EVs are fun to drive when compared with older generations. Opinions were also differentiated by region, with 61% of consumers living in western states being optimistic about electric propulsion overtaking gasoline in fifteen years. Over half of the respondents living in the west also believe they’ve become more knowledgeable about EVs during the last two years.

“Our latest survey shows that more consumers are shifting their attention to electric vehicles as they become more attainable and compelling to own relative to gas models.” said Mike Peyton, chief motorer and vice president, Mini of the Americas. “EVs are especially becoming more attractive to a new generation—”Gen EV”—as we say. These are people who are young, fun-seeking, and environmentally minded, and want more attainable, fun-to-drive EV choices such as the Mini Cooper SE.”

Nevertheless, an additional finding reflects that less than half of those surveyed believe EV range is compatible with their daily driving patterns, even though the same survey reflected that 78% drive fewer than 50 miles on a given day. It is the same problem of perception encountered by BMW during their original surveys for the MegaCity vehicle program, which resulted in the BMW i3: The vast majority of urban dwellers travel less than 65 miles a day, but believe they need a much longer range in an electric vehicle. (Roundel editor Satch Carlson, who managed to buy one of the electric Minis from the Miami launch, calls it the ideal runaround car, as long as you have something else for road trips. And he says that Roundel‘s driving impression of the new i4 and iX may convince doubters. That story is slated for the December issue.)—Alex Tock

[Photos courtesy BMW AG.]



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