Hoovies Garage E39 M5

We’ve waxed poetic about BMW’s golden age on this site before, and how it likely occurred around the 2001 model year. Don’t take our word for it: The market has been speaking, and BMWs from the brand’s supposed peak have been appreciating over the last few years, including legendary models such as the E46 M3, E39 M5, E38 7 Series, the E53 X5, Z3, and Z8. The 2001 model year was when the stars aligned, and this veritable dream team was available for sale in dealership showrooms.

Twenty years later, the world has undoubtedly moved on, but the community of automotive enthusiasts hasn’t, and the cars from what many refer to as the peak of BMW remain in demand. YouTuber Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage recently announced his intent to acquire his own version of the 2001 BMW dream team, seeking out each of the above models in Titanium Silver metallic—a timeless BMW color. Hoover already owns a 740i from the E38’s final model year, and even though he purchased a well-kept example, it nevertheless required substantial repairs and maintenance which included the M62 V8 engine’s chain-driven timing mechanism.

While the two decades that have passed since cars like the Z8 and E39 M5 were new have given us the clarity to realize just how exceptional they were back then, they’ve also been unrelenting in revealing just how much maintenance—both scheduled and preventative—some of these cars will require to preserve their qualities. Sticking to his signature schtick, Hoover purchased what he describes as the cheapest running and driving E39 M5 in the U.S., which happens to be a 2000 model year example that sold for $9,700 back in September of 2018, making it the low data point on Bring a Trailer’s model page.

Roughly three years later, the amount of deferred maintenance has only grown, and to set the car right, Hoover is looking at spending close to or more than the previous owner’s purchase price. This expense includes the engine-out timing chain service among a myriad of other problems which range from interior to exterior, and mechanical and electronic to cosmetic. When all is said and done, Hoover’s 2000 M5 may end up costing him just as much (if not more than) a more thoroughly sorted example, but it will certainly make for great viewing content, and it’s encouraging to see one of BMW’s modern classics brought back from the brink.—Alex Tock

[Photo and video courtesy of Hoovies Garage on YouTube.]



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