NCC Summer 2021 iRacing

The National Capital Chapter is proud to announce a summer sim racing season for 2021. We’re back to driving M8 GTE, are continuing to add new tracks, and are going to use an open setup this time to give the drivers maximum flexibility in configuring their cars! We’re also excited that we have additional sponsors, and the races will be broadcast live every week. Please check out our official sim racing program website for more info regarding rules, requirements, and the schedule. You have to be a member of the league to join the fun!

NCC Summer 2021 iRacing

Race Setup

  • Car: M8 GTE
  • Time of Day (TOD) will vary (unless night race is announced)
  • Weather: automatically generated
  • Track condition: marbles will be cleaned between the sessions
  • Fuel level: ten gallons
  • Setup: Open
  • Fast repairs: Two
  • Start type: standing start on Wednesday night and rolling start on Thursday night
  • Incident penalty system (drive-through penalty): first 17 times, then eight times thereafter
  • Points system: top fifteen drivers awarded with points linearly (i.e. fifteen down to one)

NCC Summer 2021 iRacing


  • A BMW CCA membership is not currently required to join the league (however, this may change in the future).
  • You must join our iRacing league to participate. Please search and apply under BMW CCA NCC League in iRacing.
  • You must have iRacing Road Racing license class of D or higher and a safety rating (SR) of 3.00 or higher to be accepted into the league.
  • You must have a good, working headset with a microphone to participate in order to communicate with other drivers. Please perform a mic check when you join the session.
  • Rules can be found on the NCC Sim Racing page.

NCC Summer 2021 iRacing



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