E30 M3 Sport Evo

The M3 Sport Evolution is considered by many to be the inarguable pinnacle of the E30 range. It uses the largest and most powerful version of the S14 engine, and came fitted with parts which graced no other E30, 3 Series or M3. It was the definitive M3 during its time, and with only 600 made from December of 1989 through March of 1990, Hagerty currently assigns an average value of $123,000 to the model, and the breathtaking sum of $345,000 for a condition level one concours-quality example. Finding one in such shape is no easy task though, and the last few to have sold went for $212,800 and $256,556, respectively.

Given that the M3 Sport Evolution is the kind of car to occupy such rarified air, you’re considered reasonably lucky if you ever actually seen one in the flesh. Like many of the greatest BMW models from its era (and more recently) the Sport Evolution was never sold in the U.S., and those that have found their way here are typically of collector quality and not the type of vehicle to be used for grocery runs.

Petrolicious is known for putting out some exceptional videos of special cars, and this week, the hub for automotive enthusiasm published a clip focusing on the story of the E30 M3 Sport Evolution, and how the homologation special history of the E30 M3 was responsible for its inception. The short film is hosted by former racing driver and current automotive presenter Alain de Cadenet, and is worth checking out whether you’re lucky enough to have driven an M3 Sport Evolution, or have never heard of the model until reading this.—Alex Tock

[Photo and video content courtesy of BMW AG, Petrolicious.]



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