Over the years, we’ve compiled a few lists in which we ranked top BMW models from across the spectrum. Although Internet lists should always be taken with a grain of salt, as they’re ultimately subjective at best, we like to think ours cover not only the models people outside of the BMW community have come to appreciate, but also the hidden gems that us obsessed enthusiasts seek out for ourselves.

Last week, we published a story about the supposed peak, or apex, of the BMW brand in terms of individual models, and what’s been going on in the years since. It was in reference to a video by automotive YouTuber and car auction site founder Doug DeMuro, in which he effectively covered many of the facets of the discussion. The article and video struck an obvious chord, with numerous people jumping in to share their firsthand take on the whole thing.

This week, we’re back with commentary on another video from DeMuro, in which he lists and qualifies his top six greatest BMWs. While DeMuro’s list, our lists, and various others all overlap in terms of models, there’s an undeniable concentration of greatness, if you will, within the BMW lineup which occurred right around the 2001 model year. On the other hand, there are also few classic models which were integral to the genesis of brand.

Perhaps most interestingly though, and especially in the context of what may be a growing feeling that BMW continues to deviate from what made it great, are the newer models which appear on DeMuro’s list. It’s these cars and others which serve to remind us that, although BMW has grown almost exponentially in terms of its model lineup and sales volume since the days of the E39 M5, the brand still maintains a veritable ear to the street for the driving enthusiasts among us.—Alex Tock

[Photos and video courtesy BMW AG, Doug DeMuro on YouTube.]



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