The BMW CCA Club iRacing team is pleased to announce some exciting events for the off-season and the planned start of season one in 2021!

In the off season, BMW CCA Club iRacing will be hosting open practice events on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. We encourage all those interested in racing with us during 2021 to join these events. We will have both coaches and technical experts online to help you sort out any setup or driving needs you might have. For info on how to join these events, check out and join our Discord channel (link on webpage). These events will begin at 7 p.m. EST and run for several hours.

Our most exciting off-season event will be a BMW CCA Sim Club Racing School. This event will follow a similar format to our real world Club Racing School, which includes in-depth classroom sessions discussing passing techniques, race craft, and many other topics. It will also include on track exercises such as three wide, leap frog, and more, which will get you familiar and comfortable racing amongst other cars. During the school, you’ll work with experienced coaches who will both drive on track and review via external views that iRacing allows.

Evan Levine, Dave Heinz, and Adam Poll go three-wide into turn one.

We will begin 2021 with the first of three eight-race series. During this series, we will be running the iRacing BMW M4 GT4 with a fixed setup to keep the playing field level. Over the course of the eight events, we will visit various tracks throughout the U.S. and Canada. If 2020 is any indication of what we’ll see in 2021, we should continue to see tight racing throughout the entire field. All cars will wear a BMW CCA Club iRacing Livery package, which will include each driver’s chapter logo on the hood.

Christopher Hill Fends Off An Attack From Chris Braun

Whether you want to race or simply spectate, please visit for more info regarding the 2021 series.

If you want to watch past races, please visit the Club YouTube channel.—Matthew Kogan

[Photos courtesy Matt Kalish.]



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