While BMW is well-known for being an automotive powerhouse, the automaker has also never been afraid to dabble in other industries. Merging automotive excellence with different mediums has given the brand an interdisciplinary edge for years, allowing us as enthusiasts to appreciate artistic collaborations that have contributed to the automaker’s long-standing history of Art Cars. For BMW’s M and Individual offshoots, partnerships with world-famous artists have been ongoing—just last February we were introduced to the M2 by Futura, an Art Car developed in conjunction with New York-based graffiti artist Futura 2000. Now, we have yet another collaboration to add to that list: Kith.

Based in Queens, New York, Kith is a popular streetwear-centric clothing brand known for its designer fashion, and now, two one-of-a-kind BMWs.

In conjunction with Kith’s founder Ronnie Fieg and BMW’s M division, both Fieg’s personal E30 M3 and a brand new G82 M4 went under the knife, emerging on the other side as completely exclusive and entirely unique M vehicles that will not be sold to the public.

The process began with a complete restoration of Fieg’s 1989 E30 M3, which was shipped to Germany in order to have its revival overseen by BMW Classic, in an effort to verify that each and every part was authentic to the 1989 model’s original specifications before they were equipped. Once the 31-year-old classic had been transformed into a brand new version of itself, it underwent phase two of the operation, which was a full Kith customization. At the discretion of Ronnie Fieg and with the help of BMW, the M3  was fitted with Kith monogrammed leather interior, Kith BMW roundels throughout the vehicle, and a very special Kith Motorsport badge on the trunk.

Using a brand-new 2021 M4 Competition as their second muse, Kith and BMW set about re-working the exterior aesthetic to fit their new vision, replicating the Kith details on the E30 here on their new canvas. Like the E30 it was meant to mirror, the newest generation of the M4 was also painted in Cinnabar Red—a classic color option that is no longer offered by BMW. Though the M4 also received the same Kith interior treatment as the M3, it had illuminated Kith headrest badges installed as an extra modern touch. While there were no mechanical or under-the-hood modifications here, you won’t be disappointed. Kith’s M4 Design Study still has its 510-horsepower S58 under the hood, along with an eight-speed automatic and xDrive all-wheel drive—so it’s certainly no slouch.

Unveiled in a short film alongside a slew of other legendary M cars, both Fieg’s aforementioned E30 M3 and the M4 Design Study are shown, encircled by M cars of the past. With cameos from M cars like the E36 M3, E46 M3, E34 M5, and E24 M6, and nostalgia-inducing cinematography, the video reveal (which you can watch below) is as much of a work of art as the actual Kith vehicles—and well worth a watch. Kith has teased that this isn’t the end of their collaborations with BMW, either, and that there will be more to come in the future.—Malia Murphy

[Photos courtesy of Kith.]



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