Now that we have satisfied the nominator and nominee requirements, how do we ensure that we have written an award-winning nomination?  First and most important, know your audience.  There are two, the Recognition Program Committee (RPC) who receives and reviews all the nominations, and the National Board who makes the final approvals. Both the RPC and the National Board rely substantially on the written information you provide.  This is critical as the RPC cannot add or embellish on your nominations so if the criteria is not met, then the nomination will not be recommended to the National Board.

With so many good thoughts and memories running through our minds, how do we provide a clear and concise nomination within the limited word count?  One way is to breakout the criteria of the award into separate elements.  For example, the Chapter Outstanding Officer Award, has seven (7) separate elements.  Identify each of the elements creating an outline and flesh each one out separately.  This of course is not the only way to prepare an award-winning nomination, but it is a sure way to capture all the great things the nominee accomplished during the award period and it greatly enhances the RPC’s ability to accurately determine if the nominee meets, or does not meet, the award elements and criteria.

What happens once your nomination is submitted through the BMW CCA website?  Each of the RPC members performs their own analysis and then the committee convenes to review and compile a consolidated list.  This list is presented to the National Board for review and final determination.

The RPC hopes this provides some ideas for writing your nomination for those special people and organizations within your purview.  If you have further questions, please contact your RVP or your RPC representative.

The 2020 awards nomination period is open now through January 31, 2021. More nomination information will be provided next week, so start thinking about who you would like to see recognized. Until then, you may visit the recognition program page on the BMW CCA website for additional information:

  1. Visit the BMW CCA website at
  2. Move your cursor over the “ACTIVITIES” drop-down menu on the banner at the top of the homepage
  3. Click “Recognition Program

Thank you to those who have already submitted nominations—keep them coming!

Your BMW CCA Recognition Program Committee (RPC) for 2020:

  • Leslie Moyer, Chair, South Atlantic Region
  • Leann Stokes, South Central Region
  • Pete Sullivan, North Atlantic Region
  • ML Hillard, North Central Region
  • Joe Vernon, Pacific Region



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