Looking for a smaller tow vehicle than your mall-crawler X5? You’re in luck.

While that X5 in your garage may be suited for towing heavier loads, if you also enjoy living life on two wheels, you don’t always need SAV power to transport your beamer cross-country. For vintage bimmer enthusiasts, there are standout options, like this seriously killer 2002 and R75/6 restomod pairing up for auction on Bring a Trailer.


This nostalgic grouping includes a tastefully-modified Moonstone Metallic (a thoroughly modern color) 1975 2002, a 1975 cafe racer R75/6 motorcycle, a matching Kendon motorcycle trailer, and a paint-matched Biltwell Gringo helmet. Like a time capsule on wheels, this perfect pairing will take you on a groovy journey back in time to the 1970s: Blast some Bee Gees, grab your Polaroid, and you’re already there.


The 2002 tow vehicle, affectionately named Sarah by its seller, comes equipped with a 1.8-liter M42 inline four-banger, a proper five-speed manual, and a limited-slip differential, along with a host of other tasteful modifications. The bimmer’s Moonstone Metallic exterior is complemented with Garagewerks Turbo-style wheel-arch flares, a Jaymic front air dam, an Ireland Engineering rear spoiler, an early-style rear bumper, and M tricolor pinstripe decals, among other modifications of the period-correct and modern variety. Notable interior modifications include Recaro seats in the front and E24 seats in the rear (a great upgrade), with a matching black vinyl dash and door panels; it’s also adorned with a polished Nardi wood steering wheel. A set of BBS magnesium wheels complete the restomod aesthetic on both the car and the trailer.

1975_bmw_2002_car__r756_motorcycle__trailer_1600993353e1adb69a0dd76416e021_BaT_Trevor-Ryan_BMW-2002-R75-Trailer_0400-scaled 1975_bmw_2002_car__r756_motorcycle__trailer_1600993353e1adb69a0dd76416e021_BaT_Trevor-Ryan_BMW-2002-R75-Trailer_0400-scaled

Mechanically, the 2002 increases its overall performance through the addition of E21 brakes, Ground Control coil-overs, an E21 radiator, Dbilas throttle bodies and chip tune, and an E21 transmission with a Z3 short-throw shifter, according to the auction listing. The seller, adds that age-related maintenance saw the replacement of a few things like the battery, evaporator purge valve, ignition coils, fuel injectors, main relay, and fuel-pump relay, and the 2002 is said to drive (and tow) without an issue.


Two-wheel enthusiasts (and those of us with OCD tendencies) will be pleased to know that both the Kendon trailer and R75/6 are consistent with the ensemble’s overall aesthetic, as they both bear the same Moonstone Metallic finish and M tri-color pinstriping as the 2002 tow vehicle. The absolutely wicked 750-cc Beemer has also been customized; it’s equipped with a custom Thorsten Strenger fiberglass single-seat rear cowl, a black leather seat, a de-tabbed frame and Ural headlight bucket, a shortened rear subframe, extended bucket ears, integrated LED turn signals and brake lights, wood-style grips, chrome bar-end mirrors, and a color-matched Biltwell Gringo helmet to top it all off.

Although they’re not identical to the BBS shoes on its four-wheeled cousin, the R75/6 does have gold-spoked Akront aluminum wheels, measuring nineteen inches in the front and eighteen in the rear.—Malia Murphy

[Photos via Bring a Trailer.]



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