BMW CCA Club Racing is excited to present its own iRacing Series! Our first season will be the Inaugural O’Fest Series, starting on September 15 at the Iconic WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. All drivers will be set on an equal playing field running a fixed setup BMW M4 GT4 racing in two, twenty-minute Sprint Races each week on tracks across North America.

Our team has put together a BMW CCA Club Racing Livery Pack that all drivers will be required to run as they do in real Club Racing. Beyond this pack, drivers can customize the color and design of their cars to make this series as realistic as any live-action race would be.

As this series is open to all members around North America, we have included a design element on the hood that will include each driver’s home chapter logo! All races will be broadcast live on YouTube and other social media, and we hope this will drive recognition of the many diverse chapters that we all belong to.

Club Racing looks forward to this exciting new opportunity to bring our entire membership into the exciting world of iRacing and the Club Racing culture. You can learn more and register at—Chris Hennecy



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