Registration is now open for this year’s O’Fest, which will be held in Palm Springs, California, September 15–19. The host driving venue is, of course, the BMW Performance Center West, and the host hotel will be the beautiful La Quinta Resort & Spa.

We hope you are looking forward to O’Fest Forever as much as we are. The last few months have been stressful for all of us and a little fun together in September is much needed! Unfortunately, today in many places around the country and in Riverside County, California—site of O’Fest—positive coronavirus test numbers are spiking. We don’t know what that means for today, tomorrow, or next week. It may very well become necessary to cancel our annual get together, but before we make that call we want to allow you to help us write the future. To that end we are going to open registration today, but defer payment for at least the next two weeks, during which time we will monitor the situation and weigh our options. If at the end of two weeks we believe we can move forward, we will ask you to make payment and reserve a room at the hotel. If we are forced to cancel, you won’t need to do anything.

There are two base registration options for this year’s event—a full week package (Ultimate Getaway $250) and a weekend package (Weekend Escape $200). You’ll need to first select one of these two base packages and then you can add additional events such as the performance center programs, car show entry, TSD Rally, and more. We’ve packed a ton of value into each base package and simplified the registration process.

You can learn more about O’Fest here or you can register now.—Chris Hennecy



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