The Paul Walker collection, which includes a menagerie of vehicles straight from the late Fast and Furious star’s personal garage, made its auction block debut earlier this year at the 2020 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale sale. Now, you can buy another one of Paul Walker’s BMWs—this time, a well-preserved 1991 E30 M3—for a cool $149,980.

The six-figure asking price of this E30 M3 isn’t particularly unreasonable, given the vehicle’s star-studded provenance and its immaculate condition. After all, any other E30 M3 in comparable condition would be well worth its salt. If you recall the seven BMWs that sold back in January, that is, five E36 M3 LTWs and two E30 M3s, each car had a winning bid much higher than the current asking price of this second-generation M3. The so-called “Walker Premium” was in full effect that week in Scottsdale, with one low-mileage E36 M3 LTW in particular setting the unofficial record for “most-expensive LTW,” with a winning bid of $385,000. The two Alpine White E30 M3s present also achieved high six-figure values, one of which was sold to an eager enthusiast collector for $220,000—wow.

Now, after putting things into perspective, $149,980 doesn’t sound quite as steep, especially when the BMW in question is claimed to be all original. This M3 currently resides in The Colony, Texas with exotic car dealership Reserve Auto Group, where it awaits its next owner. Though the listing on eBay and the original listing on RAG’s website contain little to no details in regards to specs, we do know that this 1991 E30 M3 has only 13,248 original miles on the odometer and wears its original paint exceptionally well—a claim that the dealer is prepared to put to the test with a paint meter gauge, in case you aren’t so sure.

Mechanically speaking, the car appears to be untouched, having retained the U.S.-spec 192-horsepower S14 M inline-four and its close ratio fives-speed. The perceptive observer, however, will recognize that this specific coupe has been fitted with some exterior upgrades, including Hella Euro-spec headlights and sixteen by 7.5-inch wheels from an E30 M3 Sport Evo.

As the years go on, it is likely that the E30 M3 will continue to appreciate, with many stateside examples (sans celebrity ownership) continuing to show six-figure valuations. With yet another Paul Walker M3 on the market, it’s no doubt that that trend will continue.—Malia Murphy

[Photos courtesy Reserve Auto Group.]



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