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For over three decades, Rob Siegel, The Hack Mechanic, has been writing for Roundel magazine. Long-term BMW CCA members probably needn’t be reminded, as his columns, whether about BMW 2002tii Kugelfischer fuel injection system diagnosis, Lotus resurrection, or the overarching experience surrounding car ownership, have graced the pages of our publications longer than many younger Club members have been alive now, and that’s not meant to be a dig by any stretch.

A fixture of BMW CCA culture, BimmerLife is lucky to have Rob Siegel as a weekly columnist, an avenue that he uses to chronicle his latest mechanical trials and tribulations, whether they are concerned with the completeness of a BMW trunk tool kit, choosing to pay for a rebuild of a period-correct and original water pump, or diagnosis and subsequent repair of an issue that might otherwise leave one stranded. The BMW CCA is also fortunate to be partnered with Hagerty, who offers members a 5% discount on their insurance in select states.

In the wake of the novel human coronavirus, Hagerty has been making use of its awesome YouTube channel, and hosting livestream interviews with important people in the car world. These include the likes of Rob Dickinson from Singer Vehicle Design, IMSA president John Doonan, and Redwood CEO Art Cervantes to name a handful. A few weeks ago, it was Rob Siegel’s turn, and the conversation lasted for nearly an hour, covering everything from the psychology and so-called rhythm of maintenance and repair, to how Siegel is a self-proclaimed, “BMW guy,” and even what it’s like to bring a long-dormant Lotus back to life.

Check out the full conversation below.—Alex Tock

[Video courtesy Hagerty on YouTube.]



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