The X Chapter petition has almost reached the required 250-signature mark! As we wrote last week, the BMW CCA is forming a non-geographic X Chapter and is looking for your support. 250 signatures are needed to move the petition for the charter forward to a National Board vote. To sign the petition, simply follow this link.

The X Chapter of the BMW CCA will be open to all members. Whether you own an X vehicle or simply have an interest in one, this will allow X enthusiasts to share their mutual appreciation and organize events. Our hope is to be inclusive and give members an opportunity to join together with other like-minded enthusiasts. As you may know, roughly 60% of BMWs sold in 2019 were X vehicles and that trend is on track to continue into the future.

X Chapter Mission:

  • Bring BMW SAV and SAC enthusiasts together
  • Promote X awareness with events and fellowship
  • Assist local X enthusiast groups by promoting events and providing insurance
  • Provide a centralized location to find events and information for X enthusiasts

Membership in the X Chapter is no different than your local geographical chapter. You will receive all the same benefits such as Roundel, BimmerLife, BMW Rebate Program, national events, local events, discounts offered by our many sponsors, and more. You may designate the X Chapter as your primary chapter, or a secondary chapter ($15.30) and retain your local chapter affiliation.

Ready to sign the petition?

All you nee to do is follow this link, log in using your BMW CCA credentials, type in your account number which is provided upon login, and click/tap the “Sign Petition” button. Entering your account number acts as your electronic signature.—Chris Hennecy



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