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As we approach the end of the current 2 Series production period, rumors are continuing to circulate regarding the next-generation M2. Last year, evidence surfaced that suggested the next generation 2 Series might be produced in BMW’s newest factory in Mexico, and it was at that time that we learned the next-generation M2 would be internally designated G87. It was also suggested that the succeeding 2 Series coupe would remain rear-drive, a factor that has made the current generation very popular among driving enthusiasts. Now, the latest update comes via Autocar, which adds further updates like the continued offering of a manual transmission and the engine being upgraded from the S55 of the outgoing M3 and M4 to the new, more powerful S58.

While these changes, specifically the switch from S55 to S58, were largely expected, it’s still good to hear that a manual transmission is likely to be part of the mix. We’ve been hearing the same things about a specific, enthusiast-oriented, and likely rear-drive version of the upcoming M3 and M4 for a while now, and it only makes sense for the M2, BMW’s most popular current M car. Exploring some of the specifics a bit more, the upcoming M2 is expected to have approximately 420 horsepower, a slight upgrade from the 405 of the current M2 Competition, and a hair short of the outgoing base-model M3 and M4. That’s a substantial decrease from the 470 and 500+ horsepower levels we currently see from the S58, but it leaves plenty of room for more powerful sub-variants, and is likely more than enough for a car of its size.

F87 M2 Competition

Some other developments regarding the chassis are quite interesting. In the article mentioned above, it is said that the chassis and underpinnings for the next-generation M2 are, “heavily related” to those of the current Z4 and Supra. Considering how sharp the Z4 is (and always been) in terms of driving dynamics, this would be welcome news if it turns out to be true, meaning the follow up M2 may be even sharper than the versions we currently enjoy.

There are also rumors that the upcoming 2 Series lineup will follow styling dictated by the 2 Series Gran Coupé, reviews of which have just started hitting the Internet. Because the 2 Series lineup is and will continue to be divided among the Gran Coupé, the regular two-door coupe, and the convertible, the latter of which are rear drive and use a separate platform, the shared design will likely only go so far. It’s suggested that the front clip will be the most obvious area of design continuity, with grilles and headlights that may not be too far off from what’s shown below.

Finally, Autocar’s report also includes some interesting tidbits regarding the 2 Series GC and the 1 Series which isn’t sold here. Contrary to previous statements from BMW, the 2 Series GC and 1 Series, both of which share the primarily front-drive UKL platform, are scheduled to receive full M versions in the future. These would take the form of an M2 Gran Coupé, and a 1 Series M model of some kind. Like the current M Performance models of the One and 2 Series GC, we would shocked if these models didn’t come with some form of M xDrive.—Alex Tock

[Photos courtesy BMW AG.]



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