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Although it’s been replaced in the lineup by the M2, there’s still something undeniably special about the 1 Series M Coupe. Whether it was the enticing blend of performance in a small package, or the raucous, push-me-to-the-limit attitude, the 1M got everything just right for driving enthusiasts. Today, examples that have accumulated average mileage for a decade-old car still change hands for close to MSRP, and the most-original, least-used cars fetch serious money. But whenever a 1M comes up for sale with something like 5,000 miles, people know that something’s been left on the table, because the 1M is one of those cars that simply begs to be driven.

Adrian Miles, a died-in-the-wool car enthusiast, understands all of this, and that’s why he drives a 1M. The subjects of the most recent video posted to the Petrolicious YouTube channel, Miles and his 1M share the essence of the man-machine connection that so many of us struggle to translate into words. In the roughly seven-minute video, Miles explains what in life catalyzed his interest in cars, and goes on to share the story of buying his 1M, and the intense, visceral emotional reaction the car elicited from him when he first saw it in an East Coast BMW dealer’s showroom.

In the video, it becomes obvious that Miles has customized his 1M. The M tricolor stripes in the classic 2002 Turbo livery are impossible to ignore, but they evoke the image and personality of the model that BMW has closely associated with the 1 Series, 2 Series, and their M counterparts. At the same time, you’ll also probably notice that the 1M isn’t perfectly immaculate and ready for concours judging. Evidence of use and enjoyment are present in a number of places, and this is exactly show things should be in the eyes of Miles, who goes on to cite how getting out and driving his cars is an integral part of the ownership experience.

Check out the full video to see one of the best BMW models in recent memory well celebrated.—Alex Tock

[Image and video courtesy Petrolicious.]



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