The world of BMW is ever-changing, and a recent project from Munich has laid the foundation for the brand’s new perspective of the future. The luxury automaker has shown us in recent months that while the current trend of the automotive industry favors electrified and even automated transportation, BMW’s own destiny will focus more on that which they have always done well—the driving experience. I use the term driving loosely, however, as our technology will continue to grow to accompany the future of automation.

Nevertheless, it seems that our favorite Bavarian brand isn’t keen on straying from their roots just yet. The driving experience does not just include behind-the-wheel satisfaction, but also includes the overall contentment of any and all passengers—something the BMW aims to enhance with their newest creation.

To refresh your memory, the world first saw the i3 as a concept back in 2011, and it was later put into full production in 2013—giving it nearly seven years of iconic status in the time since. It has been in existence long enough to see the conception of the i8, and more recently, it’s been granted its own special edition, the RoadStyle i3S. We recently learned that BMW’s pride and joy will also remain in production until its rumored end in 2024, an extended lifespan that will now allow the i3 to bear witness to the iNext and full electrified model debuts over the following years.

This long-lasting legacy has recently inspired BMW Group officials to generate a new iteration of BMW’s first ever all-electric model, one that more accurately represents the future of BMW. Their creation, affectionately named the i3 Urban Suite, will feature a new side of the little hatch, a fresh design angle that implements a greater focus on the passengers’ needs, not just the driver’s.

Set to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 7, 2020, the i3 Urban Suite will allow attendees to explore the completely transformed interior, which replaces everything short of the driver’s seat and dashboard. The luxurious new cabin offers a passenger-centric workspace, complete with an added footrest, a headliner-embedded digital screen, a small desk area complete with an elegant light fixture, and what BMW has dubbed  a personal sound zone, among other additions. Sustainably sourced resources like the certified wood utilized in the dash construction and the olive-tanned leather upholstering the seats all create an opulent new workspace that is a personalized, passenger-focused green haven.

The i3 Urban Suite’s inception is a physical realization for BMW’s newest social-media hashtag, #ChangeYourPerspective, which introduces the public to the brand’s future goal of combining luxury, innovation, and sustainability into the perfect package, no matter the size—a fitting purpose for the i3 and a welcome addition to its long and prominent legacy.—Malia Murphy

[Photos Courtesy BMW AG.]



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