The 50th and the last BMW CCA Oktoberfest just wrapped up, and it was quite the spectacle. There were so many incredible… wait, the last Oktoberfest?! Yes, and I am still a bit in shock at the news. But Michael Izor is certainly glad to hear the news; he has now officially attended every single BMW CCA Oktoberfest that ever was and will ever be. Congratulations!

Of course, that emphatically does not mean that the annual gathering of BMW CCA folks has been abandoned. Far from it. Next year there will be the start of new and rebranded event, which at first glance looks a lot like our current fun-packed week of festivities. In a nice bit of continuity, this year’s Oktoberfest was held in Greenville, South Carolina, with much of the fun at the BMW Performance Center… and next year’s yet-to-be-named event will be at the Performance Center West in Palm Springs, California.

But that’s the future, and right now I have a whole lot of pictures from the past week. Given that I’m about to embark on the final stint of a 2,200-mile marathon, I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking for me this month—and I promise to come back with a more personal, in-depth Oktoberfest 2019 story next month.

An iconic celebration deserves an icon.

A little rain couldn’t stop folks from showing their amazing selection of cars.

Old and new parked side by side. I can only imagine what will be there in another fifty years!

They don’t get much nicer than this.

Or do they?

The BMW Performance Center provided all sorts of fun during the week.

Even TC Kline and Eric Keller (of Enthusiast Auto Group) had to check out the rare Impala Brown M Coupe.

Do you want Matt Mullins to give you a ride in a M5 Competition? Yes, yes you do.

At the end of the day, many members took advantage of the Dinan beer garden.

Not everyone could bring their BMW to Oktoberfest. But they made do with what they had.

Scott Hughes prepares for the most important race of his life. Probably.

Apparently, the BMW Performance Center will let just about anyone drive a few demo laps. At least Satch had some competent help.

The sign says it all.

Many members are represented on the bricks outside of the BMW CCA Foundation.

Even the roundels were a delight.

There is perhaps no more fitting an end to the final Oktoberfest than watching a round-taillight 2002 get loaded onto its trailer for the long journey home. Barney, I hope that your drive went smoothly and safely.

To everyone who attended this year’s Oktoberfest—or any Oktoberfest—it’s been a wild, wonderful ride. And now on to the next chapter of celebrations, new friends, and all of the joy that our beloved vehicles connect us to! Freude am fahrenund freundes.—Chris Doersen

[Photos courtesy Chris Doersen.]



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