For most of us, seeing one example of the E30 M3 in the wild is a memorable (and infrequent) sight. But for BMW CCA members in the E30 M3 “Special Interest Group,” or “SIG,” gatherings of box-fender M3s are fairly commonplace, and like all car meets, a chance to explore different styles, tastes, and variants.

Every spring, the E30 M3 SIG hosts an event celebrating their chosen M3, and for the past few years, BMW of North America has graciously welcomed these cars onto the lawn at BMW NA HQ in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey not only to provide a great backdrop for the event, but also to give attendees a glimpse inside a training center at the forefront of BMW technology in the U.S.—plus, it’s a great opportunity show off some important cars from BMW’s history.

Check out the video below to find out why SIGfest attracts BMW CCA members from around the east coast year after year, and to catch glimpses of some of the lowest-production E30 M3s in the world. Interested in attending? Visit for information and future dates!—David Rose



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