As one of the most famous BMW tuning companies in the world, you can be sure that AC Schnitzer always has an audience when their latest concept car hits the track. Founded in 1987 by Herbert and Kohl Schnitzer, the Aachen, Neuenhofstraße, company has influenced the BMW, MINI, and Land Rover enthusiast community for over 30 years.

The ACS CLS II, which was based off of the E36 M3, inspired some of the styling for the ACL2 M235i “Green Beret.”

Dedicated to bringing motorsport engineering to the masses, the German tuners have graced us with some beautiful builds over the decades, including their E30 M3 ACS3 Sport, E36 M3 inspired ACS Coupé Lightweight Silhouette, and more recently, the ACL2—a concept car based off of the M235i platform. They’ve stuffed V8 power plants into Z3s and broken speed records with their E63 Tension M6—and even if you’re not taken by their polarizing aesthetics, you have to appreciate their commitment to the BMW community. Today they continue to broaden the enthusiast’s means of vehicle customization through the development of generation and model-specific tuning programs.

After the March 2019 release of the G20 chassis of the 3-series, we knew that it was only a matter of time before the aftermarket specialists at ACS released their latest tuning program for the seventh generation of the iconic sport sedan and touring. With the legendary history of the 3 Series, it was only apropos for ACS to make the G20 and G21 tuning programs encapsulate the spirit of the quintessential sport sedan and touring—a decision that led to the development of performance engine, exhaust, suspension, aerodynamic, and wheel-and-tire modifications.

Perhaps the most stunning modification to the new ACS G20 3 Series is their M-aerodynamic package, which includes options like a front lip spoiler, rear roof spoiler, rear deck lid spoiler, and side skirts bearing the ACS name. If your G20 does not have the M-Sport package OEM, have no fear—all pieces of the ACS M-aerodynamic package, minus the front lip spoiler and side skirts, are offered for these cars as well. The light alloy wheels, codenamed AC1, bear an aggressive five-spoke design, and depending on your personal taste, come in either a bicolor aluminum, or a striking anthracite gray finish. The non-xDrive sedan model gets the option of stiffer 25-mm performance lowering springs, which drop the sedan’s center of gravity and provide the G20 with a sporty and aggressive stance, improving handling and vehicle dynamics for spirited driving or track endeavors.

If you only feel like a little bit of ACS flare, the tuning company also offers bits and baubles like aluminum pedal covers and paddle-shifters to spruce up your interior, an easy way to get an OEM-plus look without having to make any drastic changes.

While performance upgrades are still under development, AC Schnitzer promises horsepower bumps and a three–year warranty for M340i, 330i, 320i, and 330d models. With refined aesthetics and increased performance, the new G20 tuning kit is a perfect addition to AC Schnitzer’s growing tuning program lineup, and its addition will continue to contribute to the ACS tuning legacy for years to come.—Malia Murphy

[Photos Courtesy AC Schnitzer.]



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