BMW M8 MotoGP Safety Car

BMW has a long history of supplying specially-prepared safety cars for use in MotoGP. This partnership with MotoGP organizer Dorna Sports goes back twenty years, and back in 2018, BMW highlighted two decades worth of uniquely modified vehicles that spent their lives on circuits across the world, but for a purpose other than actual competition. Succeeding the F90 M5 that was used as the official safety car starting in 2018, BMW just announced a new generation for 2019, this time based on the M8 Competition.

Every other MotoGP BMW safety car excluding the M5 has had two doors, and the M8 continues this tradition. It’s first appearance was this weekend at the MotoGP Grand Prix in Austria. With 617 horsepower in the Competition model used here, the road-going M8 was developed in tandem with the M8 GTE race car, making it particularly well suited on the track environment, according to BMW.

BMW M8 MotoGP Safety Car

The M8 MotoGP Safety Car has been modified even further though, and was essentially purpose-built for its intended use at the dedicated BMW M factory in Garching, Germany. A full breakdown of of modifications will be available at the conclusion of this article, but some highlights include BMW’s M Performance titanium sport exhaust, a host of aesthetic carbon fiber pieces which also save weight, and an array of changes that transition it from a conventional road car to something that belongs near the heat of competition. Check out the complete list below.—Alex Tock

BMW M8 MotoGP Safety Car


  • BMW M Performance titanium sport exhaust system
  • BMW M Performance carbon tail pipe finisher
  • BMW M Performance floor mats
  • BMW M Performance carbon engine cover
  • BMW M Performance carbon rear diffusor
  • BMW M Performance steering wheel pro (with M Performance carbon cover and M Performance shift paddles)
  • BMW M Performance carbon air breather side grill
  • BMW M Performance carbon side skirts
  • BMW M Performance logo decals
  • Bonnet with ‘motorsport lock’
  • Fuel suction pump
  • Battery master switch
  • Flashing corona headlight rings
  • LED lights on the roof with bracket
  • Front grille LED flasher
  • RECARO racing seats with Schroth belts
  • Roll cage
  • Fire extinguisher with bracket
  • Michelin Cup tyres
  • Red foiled kidney grille
  • Front spoiler with frozen black paint finish
  • BMW floating hub cap
  • BMW valve caps with M logo
  • BMW M8 GTE rear wing
  • Side skirts foiled black
  • MotoGP livery
  • Customised carbon flaps
  • Light control panel

[Photos courtesy BMW AG.]



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