Turner BMW Service & Repair is continuing to make progress on their Turnicorn M3 project, which combines the S65 V8 of the E9X M3 with an E46 M3 chassis. In the first episode, Turner received their project car and embarked on an in-depth inspection which revealed it to be in great condition, perhaps almost too nice to be taken apart for such a project. Nonetheless, things proceeded and disassembly began.

In the first update to the project since introduction, Turner starts with an engineless E46 M3 which soon becomes home to the S65B40 donor engine. Before anything is actually mounted though, the complex job of properly fitting the V8 within a bay designed for a straight-six begins. Beyond the engine mounts themselves, other items like the exhaust, transmission, and vertical clearance must all be considered. There’s also the issue of the steering column, which has a direct spacing conflict with one of the S65’s cylinder heads.

The Turner team is made up of well-versed technicians though, and it isn’t long before a creative solution to get a true idea of the space they’re working in is devised. Those thinking this would be a relatively straightforward built process, like the kind involved with swapping a newer BMW inline-six into an older chassis, were wrong, as achieving the factory fit and finish that has been expressed as a main goal of the project will be a serious challenge.

We know that Turner is up for it though, and we can’t wait to see how things turn out.—Alex Tock

[Video courtesy Turner Motorsport.]



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