If you’ve been following the build of the 1-of-1 Dinan Club Edition M2 Competition, you know that we’ve enhanced the sound, responsiveness, power, and efficiency of the twin-turbocharged, six-speed manual super coupe. But now, Dinan Engineering has given the car an even more aggressive stance thanks to the Dinan high-performance adjustable coilover suspension system, designed to improve ride, handling, and comfort in all situations!

Check out the video to get a sense of the thought and engineering that goes into this suspension setup, and click below to purchase your tickets for a chance to win the Dinan M2 now!—Chris Hennecy


Watch the Video Series:

Video 1: Dinan Club Edition M2 Introduction
Video 2: Dinan Cold Air Intake System Added
Video 3: Dinan Performance Exhaust Added
Video 4: Dinan High-Performance Suspension Added
Video 5: Coming Soon!

About The Raffle:

Raffle tickets are only $25 each. You could win the 1-of-1 BMW CCA 50th Anniversary M4, the 1-of-1 Dinan Club Edition M2 Competition, or an M240i! There is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase, and proceeds benefit all the BMW CCA programs you know and love which keep the Club fun, exciting, and accessible for members across the US.



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