The latest video in our six-part series documenting the Dinan Club Edition M2 build is perhaps one of the most anticipated—the addition of the Dinan free-flow stainless exhaust. The new exhaust not only provides a mildly aggressive tone for daily driving duties, but also a track-inspired grunt as you row through the six-speed manual gearbox.

Check out the video to hear a preview of the M2’s new exhaust note—and purchase raffle tickets today for just $25 for a chance to win this incredible First Prize 1-of-1 Dinan Club Edition M2 Competition.


Follow the M2 Build

You’ll be able to follow the Dinan Club Edition M2 build through more behind-the-scene videos in the coming weeks, and you can read the full build sheet and car specifications on the Club website right here.—Chris Hennecy

Watch the Video Series:

Video 1: Dinan Club Edition M2 Introduction
Video 2: Dinan Cold Air Intake System Added
Video 3: Dinan Performance Exhaust Added
Video 4: Coming Soon!



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