Back in March, we covered one of the most riveting BMW auctions in recent memory. Tarheel Chapter member Brian Marks put a meticulously well executed E39 M5 touring conversion—a model that BMW never officially sold—up for grabs to the highest bidder on Bring a Trailer. The car, which is a study in how to do things the right way from end to end, ended up selling for a staggering $72,000 hammer price, more than a brand new, decently optioned M4. That car was featured in Roundel last year, and although Brian still has an S54-powered E46 touring that formerly served as his mobile service vehicle for Fibernew, he has since moved onto new projects.

One of these projects involved a professional restoration and re-dying of an E34 sport interior, the results of which are incredible. Even better, the entire process was documented by the nauseatingly detailed Larry Kosilla—and we mean that in a good way—of Ammo NYC and YouTube fame. The time, effort, and attention to painstaking detail are all on full display in the sixteen-minute video, which captures a full team of volunteers working together in what resembles a production line to finish the job.

The BMW in question is a 1995 E34 5 Series, which has been modified to house an S62 V8 from the E39 M5 under its hood. Dying the interior from the original beige color, which resembles factory Parchment, to the more modern and captivating Cinnamon tone, which was offered on the E46 M3, puts the finishing touch on a neat BMW parts bin build. Check out the full process below.—Alex Tock

[Video via AMMO NYC on YouTube.]



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