I own and love a lot of different cars, and while I’m known primarily as a BMW enthusiast, I also have a real soft spot for the Ford Mustang. For the past seven years, I’ve owned one of my childhood dream cars: a 1996 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra.

It’s a car that I’m unusually evangelical about. Its unusual blend of high-tech voodoo and low-tech thrills is simply intoxicating, and the car has a habit of bewitching nearly every one of my friends who slides behind the wheel. Even the most elitist Euro car snob or too-cool-for-school JDM fanboy will invariably send me Craigslist links for contemporary Mustang Cobras and ask if the car in question is a good deal.

It usually is. Like many cars of the era, it’s presently undervalued, but poised to explode—or at least appreciate—very soon. The charm in a Mustang is that it’s accessible to a lot of people—not only in terms of price, but in terms of driving enjoyment at every skill level and daily livability. In short, Mustangs don’t have a lot of anything, but they have just enough of everything.

This got me thinking very seriously about what car would be the best representative for BMWs. If I were to use one car to introduce the brand to my previously uninitiated buddies, what would it be?

[Photos courtesy BMW AG.]



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