The news of Bavarian Autosport closing its doors hit the enthusiast community pretty hard. It was a sudden announcement, and it left many surprised. There’s not a lot of good news for fans of the BMW parts house, but they can rest assured that the brand’s legacy, at least for now, will be maintained.

A former colleague at ECS Tuning reached out to let me know that they had come to an agreement with Bavarian Autosport, buying out their existing inventory and clearing out space in the warehouse (premium real estate, from what I recall from my time there) to make room for it.

ECS Tuning has even released a statement to keep Bavarian Autosport customers in the loop. ECS outlines a few things they plan to do to show BavAuto customers that they deserve their business. For one, they’ll accept BavAuto gift cards through the end of April. They’re also providing warranty support for BavAuto merchandise, and continuing to stock that branded merchandise on ECS Tuning as its own brand.

They’re also continuing Bavarian Autosport’s tradition of BMW CCA chapter sponsorship throughout the country, a move that shows commitment on ECS Tuning’s part to not only maintain their legacy, but to foster goodwill in the BMW enthusiast community as well. They’re even inviting displaced employees to get in touch regarding open positions in the ECS Tuning family of brands.

From my time at the company, specifically on the BMW team, I have fond memories of our friendly rivalry with Bavarian Autosport. While they were the competition, we were, above all else, enthusiasts, and we had a great appreciation for what they did. I’m glad to see ECS Tuning picking up the torch and running with it.—Cam VanDerHorst

[Photo via ECS Tuning.]



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