According to a recent forum thread that appeared on BimmerPost, the camouflaged prototype captured on a car hauler somewhere in Europe visible here is an i4 test mule, which is wearing the upcoming G26 4 Series Gran Coupe body. The i4 is expected to be BMWs answer to cars like the Model 3 from Tesla, and as we reported last year, follows a visual design scheme that is less revolutionary to the driving public than currently available EVs and hybrids from BMW like the i3 and i8.

Photos can be seen here – Ed.

To best imagine the the yet-to-be unveiled i4, one can looked to the Concept iX3. Consistent with what’s mentioned above about future BMW EVs and Hybrids using more conventional styling, platform sharing between models of different propulsion methods will enable both gas, electric and hybrid vehicles to share their underpinnings and aesthetics with each other. This approach allows the public to take a more subtle acquiescence to alternative forms of motivation, and also makes for substantial cost savings. No matter what the future of mobility looks like, BMW will be ready with highly adaptive modular chassis that have long since been developed and refined.

BMW Concept iX3

Unlike the upcoming second-generation 4 Series Gran Coupe, the i4 will not need air cooling via the front kidney grilles, and will likely use a setup similar to what BMW teased on the Concept iX3 above. Other specific details include a range of between 340 to 435 miles per charge depending on the model, figures that are said to be mirrored by the upcoming Vision iNEXT. This electrical range will rely on BMW’s fourth-generation eDrive technology, and will be accompanied by an array of autonomous driving and safety systems.

Commenting on styling as it applies to a camouflaged prototype is like spitting into the wind, but some things that stand out are flush door handles, and rather unique take on the Hoffmeister Kink which is always interesting on any Gran Coupe, and an aggressive looking front end. And before you ask, the tailpipes on the rear are fake. —Alex Tock

[Photos via BimmerPost.]



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