BMW M2 F87 Austin Yellow B67 Michael Fux

I’ll be straight with you, Yuppies: I don’t always keep 100% up-to-date on newer Bimmers. Whenever I try to browse the forums, I lose interest somewhere between the discussion of lease rates and guys bragging about how much faster their DCT is (I’m sure those tenths of a second really count on your way to the grocery store/office/school and back).

As a direct result of that, I’m still not completely clear on whether you can or can’t order an Individual M2. From what I can tell, it’s a possibility if your pockets are deep enough. The Leipzig factory that builds the M2 wants nothing to do with the Individual program. Apparently, their painting process at that plant is unable to accommodate Individual paint colors.

That didn’t stop mattress magnate and car collector Michael Fux, though. He was able to secure an Austin Yellow M2 (conspicuously not originally an Individual color), although he paid dearly for it. At around $114,000, it’s over twice the base price of an M2, and well into M5 Competition territory.

That’s fine by me, though. If you allow me to blaspheme for just a moment, I prefer the M2 to the current M3 and M4. Given the choice, I will almost always choose the smaller and lighter option (unless, of course, one of them is a station wagon).

So how would I spec out the M2 of my dreams? It’d be pretty simple. I’d take the new M2 Competition with a six-speed, the polished/machined face Style 788 wheels, carbon interior trim, and the Executive Package—mostly for the Adaptive LED headlights and the heated steering wheel.

Then, I’d opt for a Techno Violet paint job with matching interior contrast stitching. This would likely push the price on an M2 Competition well over $120,000, but who’s counting, right? Interestingly, BMW granted the wish of a few for Daytona Violet on their F80 M3’s, but a reissuing of the famous Techno Violet remains elusive.

As we head into the new year, how would you spec out the currently available Individual M car of your dreams?—Cam VanDerHorst

[Photo courtesy of the the ever-talented Andrew Link.]



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