Our Shell fuel card winner this week is particularly cool, being one of our regular entrants and with perhaps the most posts in the competition. Yes, it’s Golden Gate Chapter member Mike Gessner (Instagram: @calbears96) and his F80 M3.

Mike’s commitment to Shell V-Power NiTRO+ should be clear to anyone who checks the #bmwccashell, #fillupfriday, and #shell_ontheroad hashtags on Instagram; his Austin Yellow sedan (which looks great under the yellow and red Shell awning) shows up frequently, as does his black E90 M3.

To Mike, the two cars have their own distinct charms. The F80, which is a 2018 with the Competition Package, stands out with power and visuals, though. ” The color I think really works well with the F80 M3 and it’s a rare color for the M3″ Mike told us. “I also have an E90 M3 and it’s a world of difference between the two even with similar HP numbers. The torque is unbelievable, it’s very comfortable, and it’s lightning quick. Personally, I think BMW hit it out of the park with the F80.”

The BMW CCA connection, however, came far earlier than either M3. “Back when I got my first BMW (a crimson red E90 328i 6MT), my dealer showed me the brochure and I signed up a few days after picking up the custom ordered car.”

That pamphlet led to a world of BMW-related opportunities around the country. “I think the first thing I did as a member was to use it at the BMW Performance Driving School for a 1-day car control clinic (addicted since then) and then found out that the National Capital Chapter did M Club Days there as well, and that got me really involved with that chapter. We moved (back) to California last year and now I’m a board member for the Golden Gate Chapter and run the chapter’s YouTube channel and Twitter account.”

Even with all the BMW CCA driving events that Mike participates in, the charm and appeal of the BMW CCA comes down to something we hear a lot throughout the community. “It has to be the people. All the different cars are great, but I think what defines the club is the people. I’ve made good friends within the club! And of course, using the discount and club days to go to both BMW Performance Centers regularly.”

Congratulations Mike on your well-deserved fuel card, and happy driving!

Want to win a $25 Shell fuel card?

Every Friday, Shell and the BMW CCA will be awarding a BMW CCA member a $25 Shell V-Power NiTRO+ gift card. For a chance to win, all you have to do is post a picture to Instagram of your car being fueled up at Shell with the hashtags #fillupfriday, #bmwccashell, #fuelrewards, and #shell_ontheroad. We’ll announce the winner on Instagram, Facebook, and BimmerLife every Friday. Good luck, everyone!



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