What’s in your ultimate BMW garage? If the answers are anything like those that followed a feature asking a similar question earlier this year, then they’ll be as varied and diverse as any given BMW meet where we get to appreciate these cars in the flesh. Enthusiast Auto Group, a dealership that has become well known over the past several years for specializing in the marque, among other things, is now offering their own answer to the question, and it takes the form of the, “Collection of BMW Legends” which is listed for a breathtaking $2,300,000.

Before picking things apart, let’s take a look at what we’re working with. From oldest to newest, the collection includes the following thirteen BMWs:

1981 M1
1988 E24 M6
1988 E28 M5
1990 E30 M3 Sport Evolution
1991 Z1
1995 E36 M3 Lightweight
2001 Z3 M coupe
2002 E39 M5
2003 Z8 roadster
2005 E46 M3 Competition Package
2007  Z4 M coupe
2011 1 Series M Coupe
2013 E92 M3 Lime Rock Park Edition

The lineup is seriously impressive, and includes some of the most sought after models of all time, like an E30 M3 Sport Evolution, M1 and Z8. More modern favorites haven’t been left out either, with the 1 Series M Coupe and E92 M3 Lime Rock Park Edition also included. Examples that have experienced a recent appreciation in value are accounted for as well, with the Z3 and Z4 M Coupes and the E39 M5 acting as representation. In terms of rarity, a number of the cars on the list can be considered limited production specials, like the one-of-125 E36 M3 Lightweight.

Each and every car is also said to come with a full history file and an array of detailed condition photos, and they’ve all been treated to the dealer’s rejuvenation program which ensures optimal condition throughout. It’s all standard procedure for EAG, a dealership that people associate with offering only the best examples in pristine, original condition, with documented histories.

Finding, maintaining, and in some cases improving the best of the best doesn’t come without a cost, however, and with EAG, everyone knows that shelling out a serious premium above market is typically part of the experience. Individual prices for the cars in question aren’t listed, but if you do the simple math, the unit costs equates to roughly $177,000 per car—a serious bargain for something like an M1 or Z8, but quite the haircut for just about all others.

Remember, however, that all of these cars have been rejuvenated to near-new condition (which some of them may not have even needed, thanks to their low original mileage). There’s also the assurance that you’re buying from the preeminent marque-specialist dealer, who isn’t known for messing around. Although turning a profit is necessary in any business, and can be considered the acid test for entrepreneurial success, EAG seems genuinely concerned with the preservation and maintenance of these cars just as much as finding good homes for them—and look, they know what the market is doing as well.

In my own humble opinion, the collection is nearly perfect. I would consider trading the Z1 for an M4 GTS, and I would prefer that the E30 came in the only other color a Sport Evolution was available in, Jet Black. One of the crowning late-model European-specification E34 M5s would also be a good addition, perhaps in Touring form. The Z8 is pretty stunning in Titanium Silver on its own, and of course the factory hard top is included.

What do you think—is this collection the stuff of legends, as promised? Or is it overpriced garage queenliness driving an already inflated market? More than a few BMW CCA members have had the pleasure of owning multiple examples of the models on offer, and we’re naturally curious to hear your thoughts.—Alex Tock

[Photos via Enthusiast Auto Group.]



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