Hot on the heels of the M850i xDrive production rollout, BMW has already unveiled the soft-top roadster variant of the new 8 Series. While hands-on experience with the new roadster has been limited, we do know a bit of information about the new car through the press release and the gallery below.

As far as marketing strategy, the release color scheme of Dravit Gray on white is subtle compared to the M-derived blue and orange of its fixed-roof counterpart. The choice of a traditional fabric roof, scaled up to what feels like the size of a 1920s roadster, is also an intentional choice towards luxury and heritage. The whole release package seems, to our eyes, like a shot across the bow of the Mercedes S Class roadster and its sleek, imposing representation of contemporary luxury. In this field, the new 8 Series Convertible holds its own, at least from a visual standpoint, with more highly-angled trim (such as the interior door handles) and of course the driver-focused dash, with its large tachometer and birds-eye navigation view.

Like other large roadster counterparts, the 8 Series’ high shoulder line gives it a more upmarket and modern feel than the flat-shouldered 6 Series that preceded it. Having spent ample time in a 640i Convertible on a certain cross-country drive a couple years ago, I’d love to try out the rear seats in the 8 Series to compare their higher perches and increased visibility to the low-slung rear chairs of its predecessor.

In all, the M850i Convertible seems to be a fantastic package, and a fitting next step on developing the new 8 Series platform. Deduction would imply that the 8 Series Gran Coupe is the next reveal in BMW’s plan, but only time (and upcoming auto shows) will tell.

[Photos courtesy BMW AG.]



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