By Lockton Motorsports:

Everything is ready to go for your event – You, your car and your team. But a look at the radar shows rain. Don’t let the forecast dampen your enthusiasm.

Some HPDE events will continue despite rain, so be prepared. Follow these tips to stay safe on the track and enjoy your HPDE event:

Choose Smart Clothing – In addition to your gear, pack a variety of clothing for before and after the event. Will it be muggy or cool? Will the rain be heavy or just a light drizzle? Layers and a water-resistant jacket are always good options when unloading the trailer or walking the track.

Check Your Attitude – Your attitude can impact your performance more than anything. If you dislike driving on wet tracks, change your perception. Look at the rain as a new challenge or chance to improve your skillset.

Improve your Vision – A big challenge of driving in the rain is lack of visibility.

  • Use glass treatment on your windshield or helmet visor.
  • Apply a high-quality defogging treatment on the inside of your windshield or visor.
  • Ensure air is getting to the windshield and ventilation in your helmet.

Initiate Slowly – Your initial inputs on the steering wheel and pedals should be as smooth and slow as possible. If you need to catch a slide, react quickly. Having your car in a slide through a turn is fun, but it’s not fast and can lead to a spin. As soon as you feel the car step out of line, catch it.

Be Proactive on Corners – If you enter a corner just below the limit of adhesion, you spend the rest of the turn waiting for the car to slide. Instead, enter the corner just above the limit. You know the car is going to slide, and you’re ready to react rather than respond.
Find Grip on the Track – The line on a wet track is less important than where the track has grip. Typically, grip is found where the track has a different surface material or where the pavement is rough. Painted curbs typically have less grip in the rain, but some curbs can become like a berm, and hold the car from going off the track. Test different areas of the track to find where your car has the best grip and drive there.

Stay prepared rain or shine with HPDE Insurance from Lockton Motorsports. Our HPDE Policy options provide on-track insurance that covers what standard auto insurance won’t—damage to your car when you’re participating in a HPDE, Track Day, or Time Trial event.



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