We’ve heard all about the BMW CCA’s Car Of Your Dreams raffle, but at the Club’s 49th annual Oktoberfest gathering last week, we got a chance to jump in the raffle’s grand prize car, the M5 Competition, with BMW of North America Product Communications representative Alex Schmuck. For his driving impressions in this pre-production M5, check out the video above!

Getting to run the Pittsburgh International Race Complex wasn’t the only outing for the new 617-horsepower track-and-street monster. The new M5 Competition also made an appearance at the Pirelli Concours on Tuesday, and was shown at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix last weekend.

Reviewing the car is one thing, but winning it for a $25 is another. Want to see the new M5 Competition, M2 Competition, or BMW X2 in your garage? Head to bmwcca.org/raffle to buy your raffle tickets now!—David Rose




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