The BMW Car Club of America’s famous raffle has produced more than 123 winners over the last seventeen years (not including flash drawings and other raffle giveaways), and it returns this year with another incredible roster of cars fresh from BMW’s latest series of high-performance releases. Tickets are just $25, and are available to purchase right now on

The Grand Prize this year is BMW’s latest king-of-the-hill in the high-performance sedan category: the new M5 Competition. We’ve already talked you through the details of the four-door, 617-horsepower supercar here on BimmerLife, and having driven the regular M5 in Palm Springs in January, we would be confident adding the further-improved Competition variant to anyone’s dream car shortlist. The Grand Prize car is valued at roughly $115,000—not a bad return-on-investment for a $25 raffle ticket!

Following up the M5 is the M2 Competition, which this year will be the First Prize in the COYD raffle. We’ve covered this new, S55-powered M2 as well, and we would guess that winning one as a raffle prize might be one of the quickest ways to get your hands on an M product that will be in huge demand on dealer lots. First Prize is valued at approximately $65,000—and we haven’t even gotten to the main prizes yet!

As usual, an additional Main Prize car will be added for every 5,000 tickets sold, keeping raffle odds some of the best around. The Main Prize vehicles are BMW’s all-new X2 compact SAV, a vehicle Satch Carlson reviewed at The Thermal Club earlier this year. The practical, funky, and roundel-adorned SAV is a strong performer that would be a great modern addition to any fleet—and for an investment of a $25 raffle ticket on an approximately $44,200 prize, how could you go wrong?

Raffle Perks have also been unveiled, including another brand-new, modern grille badge design available exclusively for members who purchase 10 or more grille badges. It’s the only way to get the clean, new design, so be sure to snag an order of 10 or more tickets before the drawing later this year!

From June 1 to June 29, all ticket purchases are also eligible for a Special Drawing Prize in the form of a Michelin Tire Certificate. These are some of the most in-demand prizes at O’Fest and during the Car Of Your Dreams raffle, so we’d recommend jumping into this raffle early.


To buy tickets, visit the BMW CCA website or click here. Good luck to all entrants!




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