One of the riskier tasks involved in curating BimmerLife is a heightened awareness of the finest BMWs that come up for sale online. We’ve seen some spectacular (and high-dollar) cars come through recently, but as always, one of the best resources for tempting my wallet is the BMW CCA’s Classifieds section.

Since there’s no better airport distraction than the Classifieds, we’ve decided it would benefit the community at large to pull a sample of the cars available by selecting one and playing our own sort of “Would You Rather?” by pitting it against another BMW for sale: we’re calling it the Classifieds Challenge.

Last week we heard a lot about the M2 Competition (BMW’s rejuvenated M2, powered by the more-potent S55 engine), so this week we wanted to share one member’s build based on a 1 Series M Coupe—which happens to be similarly priced.

The 1M in question is listed right here on the BMW CCA Classifieds, and hails from 2011, when it marked the swan song of the N54 straight six. This car is heavily modified, though, with a tick over 25,000 miles; it enjoyes a claimed $50,000 in modifications. The result is what appears to be an impressive track car, street-legal but with a welded-in roll cage, racing seats and harnesses, and a deleted rear seat. There’s also a host of cp-e, RevoZsport, and Turner Motorsport parts, and others to round out the build (a list of which is visible on the seller’s website).

The car has been listed on the BMW CCA Classifieds for $65,000. Our question is, would you rather have this built 1M—which is, believe it or not, seven years old—or BMW’s latest M2 Competition street car? Write us your answer and tell us why in the comments.

Have a recommendation from the BMW CCA Classifieds that you’d like to see featured? Drop us a note at—David Rose



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