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As many of you know, O’Fest this year will be held during the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix—one of the reasons that this year’s event has been so hotly anticipated. The PVGP attracts more than 150,000 visitors for a weekend of vintage racing and car shows, and we’re excited to report that BMW is the featured marque for 2018. For some history on the PVGP— and to get excited for this year’s event!—see the video below.

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Event Spotlight

Thursday, July 12

Autocross is a competition in a friendly environment where you can learn and practice skills that will translate onto both the track and street—and enjoy competition against other cars in your class. Whether you’re an autocross veteran or this is your first time in the cones, register for the autocross today and try your hand against fellow O’Fest participants!

Dinner At The Carnegie Center
Thursday, July 12

On Thursday evening, we will cruise over to the Carnegie Science Center, just down the river from the Sheraton, where we’ll will enjoy a fantastic dinner among the incredible science exhibits. The Carnegie Science Center is one Pittsburgh’s best and most-visited attractions, with four floors of interactive exhibits.

The PVGP Weekend
July 14–15

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix weekend of events kicks off on Saturday with a massive corral of 500 BMWs spanning German Hill—and overlooking Turn Thirteen of the race course. Enjoy a trackside lunch, see rare and unique BMWs, and watch the vintage cars race through city streets. This is a bucket-list event for any automotive enthusiast!

Parade Laps On Sunday
July 15 at PVGP

On Sunday, we’re planning what could possibly be a world-record-breaking parade lap of BMWs on the PVGP race course—and not only that, but it will be a rolling timeline of BMW history! Participation is $25 per vehicle and driver; passengers are $10 each. Proceeds support the Autism Society Of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny Valley School.

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