During the month of May, you can earn a $50 Shell gift card by referring new members to the club! All you have to do is refer enough friends and fellow enthusiasts to the club to make this month’s top five list of referring members. Sometimes it only takes two or three referrals to make the top five. Make the list and you’ll be awarded a $50 Shell V-Power NiTRO+ gift card! And that’s on top of the already long list of awards and prizes available to referring members.

And now it’s even easier to refer members with the exciting update to our BMW rebate program. Individuals who purchase a three-year membership for $134 will now immediately qualify for the program, and may be eligible for a rebate of up to $1,500 on the purchase or lease of a new BMW! Get the full details here.

Ready To Start Making Referrals?
Here’s how to do it, so that you receive credit each time.

1. Find a prospective member and encourage them to join.
2. Have them enter your Member ID number in the “referred by” field when they join online at bmwcca.org.
3. That’s it! As a thank you, you will receive $5 in BMW CCA bucks for every successful referral you make.

Recruiting New Members Via Social Media And Forums?

You can add a special join link to your digital profiles that automatically populates your referrals. Just use www.bmwcca.org/join/[INSERT YOUR MEMBER ID NUMBER HERE] and insert your Member ID number after the last forward slash in the url. For instance, if your Member ID number is 897888, you would use the URL www.bmwcca.org/join/897888 in your profile. When prospective members use that URL, your Member ID will be automatically populated into the referral field when they check out.

Visit bmwcca.org/membershipdrive to see full program details and read about our special monthly, quarterly, and annual incentives!

About Shell V-Power NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline
For more than 100 years, Shell has been harnessing science, engineering and technology to pioneer the world’s most innovative gasoline. For nearly half a century, BMW M has been building world-class automobiles by merging engineering with cutting-edge technologies. This shared passion has brought these two great brands together in a unique relationship – where fuels innovation and performance meet.

Get the full story at www.shell.us/vpower




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