Earlier this year, the 2018 M5 was brought to the hands of millions of gamers, along with those of us who occasionally pass our time by checking out the newest visual wonders offered within the App Store, via EA’s Need For Speed No Limits. Now, strategically offered ahead of the launch of the actual, tangible machine, the M2 Competition can be put through its paces in CSR Racing 2 from Zynga on the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Those of us who grew up playing console racing simulators like Gran Turismo on the PlayStation and later Forza on the Xbox will concede that the graphics of current arcade-style racing games offered on mobile devices continue to inch ever closer to their console-based counterparts. CSR Racing, both in its initial and current form, has always seemed to capture the leading edge of technology and newfound processing power. In the game’s latest update, released a matter of hours after BMW’s press event at Beijing Motor Show, the M2 Competition was added to the broad, but highly accurate offerings of CSR Racing 2.

All of this is enhanced by another feature that’s new to the game: augmented reality. As highlighted in some of Apple’s more important keynotes of the last few years, augmented reality allows for the realistic insertion of the model into its surroundings, letting it be appreciated from all sides.

Although most press photos focus around the exclusive Hockenheim Silver Metallic paint color, Long Beach Blue also looks to be available, along with another fresh and vibrant offering, Sunset Orange Metallic. All of the colors appear visually stunning from the available in-game screen captures, and painstaking detail was taken to ensure that even the smallest things were accounted for. The meticulousness of the process results in some beautiful renderings; check out the the front-apron design and refreshed kidney grilles, along with the intricate wheels.


CSR Racing 2 might be bristling with high-end unique cars to choose from, but it seems as though BMW offerings enjoy a good bit of popularity. Statistics published by Zynga are impressive, and mention 1.88 billion in-game BMW races since the launch of the first roundel-wearing car. Additionally, over 85,000,000 BMWs have been “virtually purchased” by players, which accounts to over 26,500,000 individual players owning one. Finally, over 3,000,000 in-game BMW races are played during an average day.—Alex Tock

[Photos and video courtesy of BMW AG.]



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