Wrapping a new car in vinyl is an increasingly popular way to change a car’s exterior color without using paint, which is normally a long-term commitment. BMW has apparently decided that if other people are in the BMW-wrapping business, it might as well join them. Using a camouflaged scheme similar to that worn by the X2 revealed in Milan during last year’s Fashion Week, BMW is offering X2 customers its own vinyl wrap. The new Digital Camo accessory is a response to many dealer inquiries after potential customers saw photos of the camouflaged X2 in Milan and asked, “Why not?”

This is not a one-of-a-kind deal; “Digital Camo” is an official original BMW accessory. The asymmetrical pattern consists of black, gray, pastel blue, and yellow color shapes over Galvanic Gold. Not only does the wrap transform the X2, it also helps protect against stone chips.

The exterior color scheme is designed to highlight the quad headlights and the beefy wheel arches, salient design elements of the new X2. The wrap does not cover up any M Sport and M Sport X details, nor does it cover the high-gloss parts at the front and rear or the Frozen Gray details on those lines.

Four days are required to apply the X2’s Digital Camo wrap. BMW did not announce prices or U.S. availability; your dealer may know more, but the wrap is not yet listed on BMW’s U.S. website, so we’ll have to see if X2s sold here can get BMW’s first original BMW accessory wrap.—Scott Blazey

[Photos courtesy of BMW AG.]





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