The design elements of new BMW models are generally evolutionary rather than revolutionary, a fact which sometimes hide the actual differences—usually improvements—between the generations. Take the 2019 BMW X4, for example: At a quick glance, the second-generation G01 Sports Activity Coupe doesn’t look all that different from the F26. But it is.

The kidney grilles on the new model are larger and the LED headlight array doesn’t extend to meet the grille. The foglights are rectangular rather than round, and the new X4’s front fascia has one large center intake opening instead of two smaller ones. And the rear view of the vehicle demonstrates significant changes, with a repositioned license plate and radically different LED taillights.

But rather than list all the differences here, just watch the video BMW prepared to point out how the new 2018 X4 has changed.

Expect the 2019 BMW X4 to arrive in the U.S. in July with a base price for the four-cylinder xDrive X428i at $50,450. The sportier and better-performing X4 M40i, with its three-liter inline six, will start at about $10,000 more.—Scott Blazey

 [Photo and video courtesy of BMW AG.]





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