This is a short story about math and granting wishes. The short of it is that we just awarded a free one-year extension of membership to John Stuckey! John won the February Membership Drive by referring the most qualified new members. Along with so many members sharing with us (and friends!) how much they enjoy the BMW CCA, we also get requests for money-saving discounts every now and then. So we’re awarding twelve free membership extensions this year—one each month to the member who refers the most members that month!

It’s really a pretty simple contest. Most of us are her not just because of the cars, but because of the people in the club. If you’re one of us already, then you’ll want to bring in even more people you enjoy and like!  These new members might be your current friends, colleagues, neighbors, or even the person getting into a BMW at the mall. “Hey, nice car! Are you in the local CCA chapter, or a different one?” Presumptive close for the win!

What’s even better about this opportunity to win a free membership is that it’s not a drawing, it’s a competition: the most referrals wins.

You can control a lot of your chances by getting friends to join. How many friends?  Well, John won for February by referring—are you ready for this?—just two new members in February. Yep, two! He tied with a few others, so his name was drawn from that small pool, but the winning number in February was two.

That might sound like a low number, but by referring two people in February, John earned $10 total in BMW CCA bucks, and generated two chances for the end-of-the-year drawing for a one-day M School at the BMW Performance Center. If he he refers two people each month, that’s 24 new members for the year, $120 in BMW CCA bucks (which can also cover your membership!), and 24 entries—not only into the drawing for a one-day M School, but into the Membership Driver drawing (minimum ten referrals) for the grand prize of a Griot’s Car Care kit (~$500), a set of Michelin tires ($1,200 tire certificate), and a two-day M School at the BMW Performance Center with two nights lodging (a $4,000 value).  So if you all want to refer two members every month, there’s a lot of winning potential there—for everyone!

In January, the winning number was five. In February, it was two. What will it be in March? Remember, we have quarterly prizes, too, for those referring at least six new members in the quarter. The first prize is a half-page (minimum) profile in Roundel  magazine and a $150-value Michelin swag bag. Second prize is $50 for use in the BMW CCA store, and third is $25 to use in the BMW CCA store. And if you do get the minimum six referrals in a quarter but don’t end up in the top three, you’ll be earning at least $30 in BMW CCA bucks and at least six entries into the end-of-year drawings!

When posting to your social media accounts or e-mailing your friends and colleagues, share [with your member number in place of the  asterisks at the end].  Congratulations again, John—and thank you all for your membership!



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