Congratulations to Puget Sound Chapter member Sam Turner for her winning submission for last week’s Fill-Up Friday challenge!  With her Instagram submission being selected March 2, she will be receiving a $25 Shell gas card! Her submission was this picture of her 1988 325iX, seen here as she was putting that all-wheel-drive system to good use on her way up to the mountains for some snowboarding.  Although this season is the first time she’s taken the E30 up the mountain, she’s had the car for four years.

It looks as though she’s putting Shell fuel in a nice BMW example, too. “I purchased the car from the original owner and couldn’t pass it up,” she explained. “I love the all-wheel-drive system in the car! Even though rear-wheel-drive can be fun, there’s something about how BMW made the 325iX planted to the ground that makes taking curvy roads a blast! With it being a manual, it’s even more fun!”

This is the first BMW Sam has owned, but she adds, “Between the project cars that my boyfriend and I have had and sold, we’ve had about six other E30s and four E36s over the years.” But even with all those BMWs, it was just this past week she joined the BMW CCA. “I’ve known about the BMW CCA for a long time, and when I saw that they were giving gas cards away to members, I figured it was a good time to join and try to win one.”

That didn’t take long—her submission was coincidentally picked two days after she joined!  She’s certainly not a stranger to the BMW community, even beyond those project cars; she’s been a regular at the popular E30 Picnic in her home state of Washington. “I’ve gone to four, and I plan on going every year. It’s my all-time favorite meet. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by old Bimmers!”

Sam will certainly put the gas card to good use, since it sounds as though this won’t be her last season taking her E30 up the mountains. “This car impresses me in the snow every time I take it up. The AWD system is amazing,” she said. “If you’re taking a turn and you lose the back end a little bit, you simply straighten out the wheel and give it a little gas and the car will point straight as an arrow to the direction you want to go. I was up at the parking lot at Steven’s Pass, and two spots down from me a SUV with traction tires was having trouble getting out of their spot; after helping them, I hopped in my car and pulled out of my spot with ease. I’m running it currently with all-season tires and it still performs like that!”

Sam added, “I love BMWs, and I have to credit my boyfriend, Jay, for convincing me to get my E30, because I was hesitant at first to get it.” But if she’s painted a tempting picture of her E30, you’re going to have to find your own. “I’m so happy I have the car, and I’m in love with it. And it’s never going to be for sale! Mine forever!”

Shell and the BMW CCA have given out $300 in Shell gas cards so far this year. Every Friday, Shell and the BMW CCA will be awarding a BMW CCA member at least $25 in Shell fuel cards. We should have some more fun twists coming in March and beyond, so keep taking and submitting those pictures of you fueling up your car at Shell stations and posting them to Instagram with the hastags #fillupfriday, #bmwccashell, #fuelrewards, and #shell_ontheroad. We’ll announce the winners on Instagram, Facebook, and here on, too.



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