Congratulations to First Coast Chapter member Carl Ledgister for his winning submission for last week’s Fill-up Friday challenge! For his Instagram submission, he is receiving $50 in Shell gas cards! Every Friday, Shell and the BMW CCA will be awarding a BMW CCA member at least $25 in Shell gas cards and for February, Shell has raised it to $50!

The two Shell gas cards might be even more appreciated because although Carl posted a picture of his beautiful E28 M5, he also has a 1997 E36 M3 manual sedan (yep, the “3/4/5”), so one gas card per M car maybe.

It also might be helpful because Carl definitely enjoys driving his cars. “I try to make it to our local Cars and Coffee events when I have the chance and of course, a few BMW shows throughout the year as well,” Carl explained. “The car is an absolute blast to drive needs to have its legs stretched regularly.  As for the E36 3/4/5, truthfully, this one is my first love and is also a great car to drive. It’s easily the ‘funnest’ car I have ever owned. It sits low and goes fast, all while keeping an unassuming front. Every car enthusiasts should own an E36 M3.”

Carl joined the BMW CCA just a year ago (and confirmed, “I will undoubtedly be renewing!”—we presume even if he hadn’t won the Shell gas cards, right, Carl?). He also added, “I have a close group of friends that are all members in the club who encouraged me to join. I’m glad they did! I absolutely love this community on Instagram and in general, there isn’t a better group of people with the love cars like this one. I am currently in the process of becoming more involved with my local chapter and some other chapters here in Florida.”


We’re sure those chapters will enjoy that! They’ll probably enjoy seeing Carl’s cars, too, but to hold you all over until you see this beautiful E28 M5 roll into your event, we asked Carl to tell us more about what he likes about it. “Oh man, where do I start?!” Carl asked enthusiastically. “The E28 M5 is the patriarch of the modern sports sedan. If you look at what the M5 has become today, it owes it all to the E28. The S38 engine is gloriously lumpy at idle and completely rocks the car when you blip the throttle. It makes race car sounds that reminds you why you love cars. And the looks… the body lines are purposefully angular and stand out in any traffic jam not named the entry road to Vintage. The thumbs up I get from people in traffic that know what the car is about… unbelievable. I literally had a guy tell me I made his day when he saw me driving it. I love the car for what it is and for what it represents. The M5 is the automotive equivalent of Winston Churchill and Jesse James, fast, noble and respected by all.”

Carl is keeping his cars running well, too, as we can see in his winning post. “Since the BMW CCA begin partnering with them, I have been using Shell gasoline exclusively in both my BMWs and I’m in the Fuel Rewards program, too!”

Keep taking and submitting those pictures of you fueling up your car at Shell stations and posting them to Instagram with the hastags #fillupfriday, #bmwccashell, #fuelrewards, and #shell_ontheroad. Each Friday, Shell and the BMW CCA will be selecting a winner of a Shell gas card and announcing it on Instagram, Facebook and now on, too!

Thank you for your membership and passion, Carl!



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