The second day of the BMW CCA Celebrate BMW Tour has begun! We’ll meet up with members from the Allegheny Chapter today, but first, check out our progress and video blog from day one. For all the rest of the updates, click here!

Finally kicking off the BMW CCA Celebrate BMW Tour Presented By Michelin, and getting out on the open road was a great feeling. After all the buildup and anticipation for the drive, being able to actually put mileage on the car is incredibly satisfying.

Our pre-departure night was spent at the gorgeous downtown accommodations of the InterContinental Boston, where we got what will probably be our only real night of sleep during the adventure. It was a calm, measured departure, with a meal at the InterContinental’s Miel restaurant along the river, and an evening spent with friends watching the skyline illuminate and thinking about the trip to come.


In the morning, we headed over to the Boston BMW CCA Chapter’s autocross event. Our modern, computer-laden, loaded-with-safety-equipment convertible was actually a blast to throw around the course, and the fresh set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports certainly helped save us from a couple of cones throughout the morning.

Boston Autox-22

Not only did we have a great time running the car, but we also met a bunch of amazing people that made the entire morning tons of fun.

Boston Autox-10

After wrapping up and saying goodbyes to our new friends, we hit the road for the long haul across Massachusetts, New York, West Virginia, and all of Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh. Between traffic, fuel and food stops, we ended up having a very late, 2:00 a.m. arrival. Thankfully, the Hotel Indigo was extremely accommodating to our arrival—not to mention chic and modern—and their staff waiting with smiling faces at the front desk to check us into our excellent Pittsburgh accommodations.


Next we get to explore Pittsburgh, meeting up with some local enthusiasts who are making the trip out themselves for Celebrate BMW, and we end our day with a short drive to Columbus, Ohio in preparation for meeting up with BMW Team RLL on Monday.

Keep an eye out on @BMWCCA social media for more updates from the Tour! —Nick Parente



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